Interview: Temporary Land Bridge
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Kirk Snow and Andrea Evans of the online Artist Magazine: Temporary Land Bridge have interviewed me about my artistic process and current series “Search For Home”.  Please check out this great article and find out more about my work! Temporary Land Bridge Interview

Advocate Magazine: Men Most “Mascular”
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I had some images published in Advocate Magazine.  It is part of an interview for Mascular Magazine, which I am published in Issue #7 Advocate Magazine Article

29th Jan 2014Posted in: Blog 0

I had a dream about my friend Steven the other night.  We were walking around the city like we always do, and we made our way to the docks by the Charles River.  We were just overlooking the water, not saying a word, and I kept getting a glimpse of him from the side as […]

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I went for a walk today, to clear my mind of some emotions that I have been working through, calming myself, to regain a focus on my work.  I’ve been tackling this idea of my role within my work, and what I’m striving to do with it.  As I walked around Jamaica Plain, I sipped […]

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Taken from someone, who knew someone, who knew…..   “A friend’s dad recently passed on & left this. I cried when I read it but there was no share button. I’m leaving it anonymous & hope my friend is cool with my posting it. It’s just so touching to me. It is the purpose of […]

I Light My Candle For You
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I’ve taken to lighting a candle every morning and saying a few words about where I am in my life, what I do, what I look forward to, and what my anxieties are that surround my current situation.  Today is a different day, the previous tealight has finished, leaving only a slight residue of wax […]

News and Updates!~ 2013
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I’m super excited to announce that I’ve had three images published in a book. One of my goals has been to be published into history, and I’ve been given this chance, and I’m very grateful for this opportunity. The book is called Beards – An Unshaved History, by Kevin Clarke. Some great articles, images, and commentary! I […]

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The other day I was thinking about musical influences and what makes me so attracted to them.  While I was thinking about this, listening to my digital music library on shuffle, a song by Kate Bush came on, and it then struck me!  Though I came across Kate Bush sometime around mid 2002 (Yes I […]

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I feel that our bond is slowly slipping away.  I’m torn on it but also at the same time, I think in some ways it’s allowing me to figure my shit out here a little bit more.  I really care for you, and I feel that I’d really like you in my physically present life. […]