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Beard Love

I first became interested in making the “Beard Love” series of videos because of my growing fascination with facial hair on men and its connection to society. The connection I make with facial hair is that it is usually worn by men of power: the father, the leader, and other iconic masculine figures throughout history, fantasy, and mythology.  This idea of power in the wearer of the beard connects to many ideas I have about masculinity and manliness.  Taking these ideas, I have looked at the way men and facial hair are both connected to masculinity, and how the beard has become fetishized by the bear community. I see the homosexual man with facial hair as a symbol for this masculinity that has been stripped from mainstream gay culture (especially American gay culture).  The queer bearded man then becomes the icon of masculinity and representation of what I feel is somewhat lacking in gay culture.

Aside from the social fetish connection to masculinity, I feel that the beard and the role of the father are connected with a form of dominance in the family.  I wanted to have masculine men with facial hair interact in a boyish, playful way, to change the idea of the father from aggressor to something more sensual, thereby “queer-ing” certain aspects of the ideal family.  It may sound confusing, conflicting, and uncomfortable in many ways, but I like the idea of two fully grown men sharing the intimacy of rubbing each others beards together in a private space.

The beard is clearly a fetish for me as well.  I love the way it feels on a man’s face, I love how it can grow, change shape, color, size, and make a man look older than he is.  These differences are all dependent on the wearer (how he decides to manipulate his beard’s features), and the shaping and growth of it allows a person to change their look and ultimately their identity, making the way they are viewed by others changeable and fluid.  The videos also focus on how a beard feels through image as well as sound: it’s soft, prickly, fuzzy, and having it rub against your face can be as erotic as kissing.


Beard Love Series can be purchased on DVD (SD NTSC) for $19.95 Plus $5.95 shipping and handling.  If interested in purchasing, please contact me for further details.  Edition of 100.


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  1. Bill says:

    Hi Sean,

    I recently found my way back to your videos on YouTube, which leave me emotionally spent and hormonally charged at the same time. Thank you for making them. I am very interested in the orginal version of “Elliott Heals Me”, and wonder if the one listed on your website is the original posted on YouTube back in the day. This video can’t be viewed on your site, but I notice the run time shown is much longer than the one available on your YouTube page currently. Is this the “original” and if so, is it included in the Beard Love DVD? Please let me know. Thanks

  2. Benito says:

    I fell in love with HOLD on Youtube which led me to your website.
    The vid of Michael and You (Beard Love) is fascinating. Thank you for this. There’s truly more to intimacy.


  3. Marc says:

    Sexy, intense, playful….brilliant!

  4. Bailey mcbear says:

    I really enjoyed the video of the Sunday morning labeled “Michael and I” it was so beautiful :)

  5. Angel Torres says:

    Hi, I like your videos. Is there any way to watch those videos taken away from you tube. thanks

  6. Angel Torres says:

    I forgot to select the below choices. Thanks again, Angel

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    I’ll be coming back to your website for more soon.

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